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Wellness Brand & Concept Development

Our team creates a concept based on your vision for your wellness project making sure that it translates into an amazing guest experience for your customers.
Building a journey for the customer is what builds a brand. Every journey has to be unique so it gives your brand a unique identity, attitude and personality. We consider all this while keeping in mind all the technical considerations required for operational functionality of your project.

As a full-service hospitality consultant, we take into account all financial plans and costs that will be incurred during the development and designing of your hospitality business whether it be a SPA, wellness leisure facility or a Restaurant. Our financial needs based analytical studies of the current market will give you an idea on how each service would actually cost you. This enables our clients to make profitable decisions hence avoiding any future financial mishaps.
As the guest walks into your business estabilishment they are awaiting a unique journey. The customized customer's journey is what will make your business a brand. Our team, at MJ Hospitality understands the importance of customers needs and requirements. We don't build you a business, we'll build you a brand.
Our expertise is in consulting for SPA's, wellness and leisure facilities.

  • We will provide you an extensive analysis of your property's image and competitive strengths.
  • Development of your vision and upgrading to the required standards.
  • Increasing your customers and introducing many loyalty features for your hospitality business.
Whether it be a restaurant, salon or a wellness facility, we maximize your design's effectiveness by creating a brand image and unique business identity for your company. MJ Hospitality provide various services for your hospitality business, we connect you with the right vendors, provide the best equipment and mentor your staff so they can provide the best guest experience.

Some of the features that are included in our consulting and design package:
  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Streamlining processes
  • Developing cost-effective expenditure guidelines
  • Gym Facilities design and equipment procurement
  • SPA interior designing, standards maintainence and streamlining of services offered
  • Restaurant Interior and brand identity designing
  • Detail Layout designing of SPA, Salon, Restaurants or wellness facilities such as Gym's and Pools.
  • Treatments, services and pricing guidance for wellness and beauty services.
Human Capital is your most important asset. A well trained staff is the basic necessity when designing a unique guest experience. Through our expertise, you are guaranteed an experienced staff for your SPA, Restaurant or Fitness Clubs services.

The training is provided keeping the hospitality standards in mind. We have experienced trainers who will train your staff up to the standards of a 5-Star hospitality estabilishment.
MJ Hospitality Consulting services include:
  • Support, Guidance and Training for daily management of your operations
  • Quarterly Audits of standards and SOP's for Restaurants, Leisure facilities, SPA's and Salons.
  • Get exclusive access to our knowledgebase of Hospitality Standards and Guidance articles
  • Period visits to your business by MJ Hospitality Consultants to make sure the success plan is being followed

"If your SPA, fitness or leisure facility is new or under-performing, MJ Hospitality can identify ways to improve its performance significantly."

Our multi-talented team of consultants in hospitality, provide consultancy services for Wellness, Fitness, leisure and lifestyle facilities.

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